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Play Water Ping Pong In Then Space Station


A drop of water is possible to play ping-pong? We used to play with that little white ping-pong ball, a drop of water in his hand is in place, it will play with the ping-pong, what will you do if? There is a way. The US space agency NASA playing.

Space Station is very low due to the effects of gravity or the lack there of about one drop does not fall below the water. Floating in the air, it is a very slow pace. The size of the dots that float on the water. Do not spread or can not be broken. NASA astronaut Scott Kelly floated through the air, the conditions of 4 mm, a drop in the volume of water. After that looks like a table tennis ball and took two Table tennis paddle, the water began to push too light. Handed push from bottom to the top of the bar. Hit the top of the water-floating floating ping-pong paddle. Again, it comes down to the bottom.

Space Station is playing a long time. Having completed 300 days in space on January 16, he said.He was playing ping-pong video recording of the teardrop. He was sent the world.

Can the water be drink it with the help of a straw in the space station?

Yes.  The straw works because the pressure difference between the ambient pressure and the lower pressure in the astronaut’s mouth creates a net force that pushes the water into the astronaut’s mouth.  The fact that the water is weightless doesn’t change this principle, and this is how astronauts drink water from containers.   You may be wondering if the straw would disrupt the glob of water, but the water’s surface tension will hold it together.

Here is a picture of an astronaut blowing water through a straw.  Drinking is the same process, but in reverse.


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