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New Cherry Blossom Nike Sakura Shoe

NIce Nike

Enjoy the Hanami cherry blossom viewing experience just by looking at your feet this spring.

The world’s biggest sportswear brands NIKE have their eye on Japan’s iconic blossoms this year, with Saucony releasing two limited-edition sneaker designs based on a sakura theme and Nike producing three different sakura kicks of their own.

Determined not to be outdone by the competition, Nike is following up with five new designs they’re calling the “Cherry Blossom Collection”.

While previous releases used inkwashes and prints to emulate the flowers, this line of sneakers uses a realistic graphic on a sky-blue background, to recreate the hanami experience of gazing up towards the blossoms.


The Nike Air Max 1 Print incorporates a pale blue and pink scene into its design, with a generous cluster of sakura flowers on each heel.


Nike Roshe One Cherry Blossom is the boldest shoe in the collection, featuring a vibrant image of sakura against a bright blue sky. With these on your feet, you’ll be tempted to lie on your back and raise your legs in the air to recreate the hanami experience!


The Nike Air Max Thea Print uses an overexposed image to create a washed-out design featuring blossoms on the toe of each shoe.


The Nike Classic Cortez Cherry Blossom offers a more subtle, watercolour-style effect, with just a hint of the pink blossoms on the sides.


The Nike Air Rift Print incorporates the same design on its velcro-strapped shoe.


The collection recently hit stores around Japan following its official release on 18 February, with prices ranging from US$75.22 to around US$100. Fans of the Classic Cortez and Air Rift models will have to wait a little longer, until they appear on shelves towards the end of February.

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