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The Anatomy Of Xiaomi Yeelight LED Smart Bulb White Light


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Recently I bought a IKEA LED bulb, it is 39.9 RMB ($5.5), WOW! It is sooo expensive to a 600 lumens bulbs, espectially sad after I found the Xiaomi Yeelight White Light.



Figure 1 Yeelight White Light Package

Smart LED bulbs are nothing new or innovative. They have been years thanks to Philips Hue Which is getting popular around the world. However, Philips Hue is not affordable. It is quite expensive.

But now in China, we have also a lot of option to choose Smart LED Smart bulb, including voice control, WIFI control, Bluetooth Constrol and so on. We do a search on the, Chinese largest E-commerce website. Make a price chart below. We decide to buy XiaoMi Yeelight White Version.  Xiaomi YeeLight is cheap ! 59 RMB(8.5$)! No Shipping Fee in China! You can easily find where the  XiaoMi Yeelight  is in the chart.


Figure 2 Price of Smart LED Bulb on the (search on 02/15/2017)

Xiaomi Yeelight has been sold on the different countries, We also do some search to compare the price, the lowest Price 8.59 $ in China. Ave 20 $! Compare to Philips Hue(150$), Lifx(60$), Belkin(80$), Olixar(50$)GE, it is cheap but good quality after do the product review. The exchange rate is based on 2017-02-15.


Figure 3

We sum up the rating on the package. The claimed lumen is 600 lm, it is enough for 40W Incandescent replacement. No Lifespan. It does not show the  effective range of meters, it is up to the router you are using.

Xiaomi Yeelight LED Smart Bulb Rating:

Model YLDP01YL
Price 59 RMB/9  $
Power Supply 220 Vac/50 Hz
Power 1 – 8 W
Color Temperature (CCT) 4000 K
Color Rendition Index (CRI) No
Lumen 600 lm
Base E27
Hour 20000 Hour
Ambient Temperature -10 oC ~ +40 oC
Dimemsion  120 mm by 54 mm
Weight  0.10 Kg
Native Music Sync mode No
SDK / Open API Yes
Connectivity WIFI

Table 1

Xiaomi Yeelight Smart LED Bulb Unboxing — DESIGN

 Inside the box you will get a single bulb and user guide. When you look at the bulb it almost looks like the traditional bulb available out there. The bulb fits into the common bulb holder that you are using, most counties are E27 base, for USA/CA  E26 base.

Users need to use Xiaomi MIHOME app, you can search the latest app via Google Play or Apple Store. It works with Android and iOS platforms.


Figure 4 Yeelight Appearance View

When it comes to the design, the bulb uses E27 standard base and it is well built. In fact, it is one of the better  bulbs I’ve tested.

Xiaomi Yeelight  Smart LED Bulb Review: FEATURES

We are trying to do the input test on the Yeelight Smart Bulb. The Power Factor looks not good, but most LED smart bulb are same! It must be  improved PF to save the power in the future. Test voltage underneath is 220Vac. Other voltage see the Table 1 and Table 2.


Figure 5 Input Test View

Brightest Status Test Parameter:

Test Voltage Test Current Power Power Factor
100 Vac 52.50 mA 3.3 W 0.63
120 Vac 58.97 mA 4.4 W 0.62
220 Vac 68.53 mA 8.3 W 0.55
230 Vac 67.70 mA 8.3 W 0.54
240 Vac 66.96 mA 8.4 W 0.52

Table 2

lowest Status Test Parameter dimming via APP:

Test Voltage Test Current Power Power Factor
100 Vac 15.51 mA 0.66 W 0.42
120 Vac 15.93 mA 0.70 W 0.38
220 Vac 21.60 mA 0.99 W 0.209
230 Vac 22.64 mA 1.01 W 0.19
240 Vac 29.89 mA 1.01 W 0.17

Table 3

Temperature Test

The temperature is key thing for LED products. It will quit the LED products. We are testing the point underneath. According to IEC or UL standard, it may test for 3.5 hour or more, but we do not have so much time, we perform the temperature for one hour. Ambient temperature is 30c.

The temperature of diffuser and plastic encloure is really low! That is great. So we are confident the temperature is not so high inside.


Figure 6 Thermal Couple View

Color quality

There is lots of low quality in the market! We paid, but can not get the good one. You know, as we do not have money, so ignore this part.

Update on 2017 -11-16.

Haha, have the good equipment to check the lighting spectrum, CCT 4156 K.

Specturm of xiaomi LED bulb

Figure 7 Color Quality Testing

Let us look at the physical design and construction of the fancy bulb.

Before open the LED bulb, you have to have the keys.


Figure 8 Tool Using

Here is the Video from Youtube.

Remove the diffuser off, we can see the LED board there. There are total 7 3030 LEDS in series there.  The Xiaomi website tells us the LED is from CREE. We checked the 3030 LED datasheet. It show s each LED 1 W. The Vf may be 6.0 -6.5 Vdc for each one, the current is 150mA. And we find that there are 2 chips when switch on the bulb by our eyes, bot by photos.

LED board fixed by 2 screws. It shows the E323040, CZ1004 on the surface.  We search the file number on the UL Data platform, the manufacturer of metal base PCB is from SHUNG CHING ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY CO LTD, located in the Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, ChinaCZ-1004 is the model no. It is Single Layer. The  AWG wire fixed by glue to protect short circuit. The PCB part out of the LED Board is the WIFI control module.


Figure 9  LED board View


Figure 10  LED Light


Figure 11 LED Board and Heat Sink View


Figure 12 all components view


Figure 13 Additional Heat sink Housing Part view

Power Supply Part 

The driver of each LED products is really important.It is the human’s brain. After checking the driver is a bit complex. We can see some key components in the below photos. Regarding the LED drivers, some one concerned the lifetime of Capacitor.It is evident that a 10 °C temperature rise due to the ESR will reduce the expected life by half.


Figure 14 Circuit Board Front View


Figure 15 Power Supply Back View


Figure 16 BR1 is Bridge, Model MB6S1502


Figure 17 Orange box is U3, from USA pi, Model LNK623dg. Red box is U1, model no. is SSL21084t, from NXP, LED Driver Dimmable  IC, Here is its Reference Guide.


Figure 18 Yellow Box is GD25Q16CSIG, from GIGADEVICE 16Mb SPI FLASH, Red box is 88MW300, from Marvell IoT, Green box is sense circuit.

Finally, we try to list the BOM of LED driver here.

Software Part

The hardware is showed above, not turn to Software part. The lighting company is more and more like a IT company. Do you think so?

But note that you must download the right version APP. At the beginning, because the wrong APP, my Huawei phone can not connect the LED bulb after many time try. Some users blame it must register the Xiaomi Yeelight Mi Home App.

The other devices which support this Xiaomi bulb are iPad,  Android 4.3 and above devices, we try the Xiaomi 3 Phone, Iphone 7, work well.

Set Up

Set up is really easy.  All you have to do is download the MI Home App,  Select the location of China mainland, let your phone connect the Xiaomi Yeelight. The app will search the Xiaomi Yeelight via Bluetooth.

You need to switch on and off 5 times to reset the LED smart bulb. When you see below video. The light bulb is breathing! Resetting is okay.

Next step is to add the XiaoMi Yeelight, Connected via WIFI. The app lets you change the brightness, some presets you can use like 25% dimming, 50%dimming, 75%dimming, 100%dimming, babe mode, reading mode. Basic smart features like scheduling or alert notifications is easily used at this point.


Figure 19 Connecting Xiaomi Yeelight App Screen Shot 


Figure 20 Xiaomi Yeelight App Screen Shot 

This smart bulb can also control by your family if they have Mi Home account. The set up and controls are easy as it can be and it is not a very expensive way to step into the world of IoT. You can control more than one XiaoMi Yeelight.

Still now, I’ve liked the quality of this bulb as there has been no problem with the lightning.  What are  other’s users comments?

Comment From User

Yes the experience is great. We track the comment of user form the E-commerce. There is no so much comment on the Internet.

Most Users on the Amazon complained the App is not good, especially user in the USA!

Bad experience:

Could not get light to work with app, on multiple Android devices.

After repeatedly tying the app and the lightbulb seems not to work.

couldn’t get it to connect to my phone despite following all of the instructions.

works in USA after buying the 220v converter for $15.00 …

Trop instable, quasi inutilisable(France Amazon User)

Achat vérifié(France Amazon User)

Para empezar, el fabricante me envia una factura de dudosa legalidad.
La bombilla solo luce en blanco, imposible conectarla con la aplicacion que se aconseja en internet, porque en el manual nada de nada, completamente en chino sin mas referfencias.(Spain Amazon User)
Die Reaktion bei Bedienung über das Handy ist äußerst träge und nach 2 Tagen hat die Lampe das WLAN nicht mehr erkannt und war gar nicht mehr zu bedienen. Die Lampe habe ich vor ca. 4 Wochen zurück gesendet und bisher keine Gutschrift erhalten! Also Vorsicht!!(German Amazon User)


Good experience:

Great product concept and nice quality. (US Amazon User)

Je les utilises tous les jours, l’application est très bien faites et maintenant disponible en anglais.
Je suis très content de cet achat. (France Amazon User)

Disfrutamos mucho de esta bombilla.(Spain Amazon User)

Pro: -Viele Farben, -Zuverlässiger Wecker (wenn richtig eingestellt), -Sehr Hell,-Globaler Lichtschalter
-Günstig (im Internet zu erhalten ca. 20 Euro)   (German Amazon User)


Wow, It seems that the software need to be better for the other users! Lighting Company become a IT company in the future??

Xiaomi Yeelight  Smart LED Bulb Review: CONCLUSIONS

 The bulb working fine, user interface of APP is simple and easy.It is controlled via Wifi, which has a huge range advantage over the Bluetooth.

As Smart LED Bulb goes, the Xiaomi Yeelight is probably the nice-looking one.  It’s capable of producing a natural light spectrum, but by allowing you to dim a color’s brightness up from 50 to 100 percent.
With an open API and an SDK, a bulb  with hardware this appealing will undoubtedly go to some very fun and exciting places.  But most consumers don’t know what an SDK is, and they don’t care. They just want a   killer product that’s complete and feature-rich straight out of the box.

What is Next?

No one know the future. Some thing are sure, cheaper and smarter.


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