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Bear International Day Remind Us Treat The Them Better

Starving female polar bear

photo credit: Starving female polar bear. Kerstin Langenberger Photography

The photo is shocking and saddening, taken by photographer Kerstin Langenberger in Svalbard.

“I see the glaciers calving, retreating dozens to hundreds of meters every year. I see the pack ice disappearing in record speed. Yes,  I have seen bears in good shape – but I have also seen dead and starving polar bears. Bears walking on the shores, looking for food, bears trying to hunt reindeer, eating birds’ eggs, moss and seaweed. And I realized that the fat bear are nearly exclusively males which stay on the pack ice all year long. The females, on the other hand, which den on land to give birth to their young, are often slim. With the pack ice retreating further and further north every year, they tend to be stuck on land where there’s not much food.”

Polar bears are currently considered vulnerable on the IUCN red list. IUCN explains theat the bears are consider vulnerable because it’s believed there has been a population reduction of more than 30% in the last 45 years. This is due to loss of habitat as a resulat of melting sea ice.

Poor bear

And the future does not look bright.

The ICUN has this to say:”Global climate change posses a substantial threat to the habitat of polar bears. Recent modelling of the trends for sea ice extent, thickness and timing of coverage predicts dramatic reductions in sea ice coverage over the next 50 – 100 years.”

Yes, Sometimes not only the climate change, and some bears in the circus was “abused”. Polar bear in muzzle forced to sing and dance in the show.


But the good news, countries in Europe that prohibit the use of all animals in circuses include Bosnia and ­Herzegovina, Cyprus and Greece. Adult polar bears, which can weigh up to 90 stone, are classified as a vulnerable species. Numbers are in decline with 25,000 left in the wild.

When Polar Bear return to their kingdom,  the adorable polar bears are became the cutest thing in the world. You can seethe bear enjoying the cold, enjoy the snow.

Baby Polar Bear See Snow  In The First Time


Get A Hug In The Snow

get a hug

Polar Bear Kissing Mom

get a kiss

In The Water

Bear in the water

Sleeping In The Snow

Sleeping in the snow

They Can Say Hi To Us


And  when in the summer, Polar Bear frolicking in a field of fireweed. Below pictures are taken by Canadian photographer Dennis Fast in the Northern Canada’s Hudson Bay.

The giant play with flowers sea.


What are you looking for.


Waiting For something.


Lovely, beautiful pictures rarely are seen in the internet.And at last, can we be a good friend with polar bear.

Via Youtube

We as human being must learn to get well with them animals, not only with dogs, cats. They are our neighbor. Take care with them, or they will be the dodo bird.

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