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Can I Find My Entrepreneurial Mojo?

The rise of social media firms, like FB, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Wechat, Pin, etc, can give a great impression to us, in particular to the entrepreneurs.

Every one talked about them, money, usage.

Our dad and mom aspired to be lawyers, doctors, teachers, engineers and Government Worker, big boss — standing in the society. They are noble goals no double.

To us , success is far from guaranteed. Many want to live a more balanced, flexible life. In fact, plenty of star-ups have no ambition to grow.

Many restaurateurs are content with one restaurant. many plumbers are also happy to plumber alone. Even online business are run by parents in their part-time, because they would to pick up their children at 3:30 PM.

From one study by Brooking institution, three-quarter owners of new business want to keep small, just want to be their owned boss.

To me, I am one of them.

To our children, we hope they are educated to aspire to run law firms, set up medical practice, creating engineer firms from scratch, even building a school, in other words, become a owner and entrepreneurs.

It is tough but funny. Enjoy the ride.

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