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The Fanfare From Philips LED A19 Smart Bulb

Philips Hue LED Bulb – The Most Expensive LED Smart Bulb

THE fanfare has gone on for years. Analysts have repeatedly predicted that the “internet of things”, which adds  internet capability to everyday physical objects, could transform the lives of individuals as dramatically as the spread of the mobile internet. Providers, like Philips, Lifx, Tp-link,  have focused on the home lighting, touting products such as  lighting that adjust to the time of day. But so far most of us have been largely resistant to making their homes “smart”.

So when you buy the Philips Hue Bulb, some funny is coming to you. Here we go.


Comment From User:

useless, not working, do not waste time/ money, be ware, not happy, scammed, poor, ridiculous, unreliable, frustrating, underwhelmed, overpriced crap, why this happen?

shattered bulbs, con not connected to the internet, worst customer service ever, APP Sucks, counterfeit product, completely dis-functional, missing parts, update then failed to use, refurbished/used products, broken product.


Photo From Amazon Website

1 Price List Form Different E-Website

Something is not good, if you checked below table, the Philip Sales may try different strategy in different location. At the beginning, you will feel happy, if you live in North America, but not Mexico. You can buy 4 pack!! Yes, Number 4, in EU, you only can buy 3 pack with less money, especially in German. But in the holland, there is no any info there, why? what is going on with that? Tricky Philips!

Website Price  Price(USD)
Amazon USA $193.77
Amazon UK £160.77  $203.47
Amazon DE  EUR 134,98  $153.59
Amazon Fr  EUR 154,90 $ 176.26
Amazon Ca CDN$ 249.99 $ 190.11
Amazon Au AU$249.00  $180.97
Amazon In ₹ 13,0000 $ 185.71
Amazon CN  RMB 1569 $ 227.88
 Amazon Italia  EUR 159,90 $ 181.95
 Amazon Holland  Not  info  (Why?)
Amazon Mexico MX 4,999.00 $ 263.55
Amazon Spain EUR 158,90 $ 180.81
Amazon Japan  JPY 29,800 $ 268.20
China JD  RMB 1399 $ 203.19
China Tmall  RMB 1309 $ 190.12
Note: 4 pack for USA AND Canada,Mexcio, other location 3 only


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