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Learn THE WORD Deal.

it is a deal.

it is a great / good deal. great price. 很是优惠,划算

5, it is a done deal 午饭反转已成事实木已成舟生米煮成熟饭。 

it is finalized, the agreement cannot be changed again. you cannot change your mind. it is done deal.

it is a done deal after you sign hte contract. 

6. to wheel and deel 独断专横。 mark invested lot in meta univer, but now game changed. lay off.

when a person dishonest biz, manipulative controlling. he made lots of money by wheeling and dealling, nut lost lost.

7. wheeler dealer 工于心计的人

someone good at cheating people financially. for their profile. stay away from the salesman, he is a wheeler dealer. 

8, to sweeten the deal 给点甜头

want to make more attactive, give something more. 

 the seller of the house sweetened the deal by offering to leave some furniture.

9, it is a deal breaker. 玩完。 an issue that will end the deal. most for the dating.

when he told his gf that he doesnot want ot have children, that was a deal beaker for her.

10, to close the deal.

11, shady deal.dishonest, illegal or suspicious deal. 非法交易, 不正当交易

the politician was involved in many shady deals with construction camoany.

12, no big deal, it is not a problem. not inconvenient. second meaning, not serious, not imporant.

not a big deal, just a cold, just a scratch.

13, donot make such a big deal out of it. relax, it is not so serious.

14, i can not deal with it. handle with it.

15, deal the cards , to give to everyone, to distribute 发牌. your turn to deal the cards.

16, dealer, drug dealer got arrested for drug dealer. 

17,dealer, sells car, car dealer gave me a great deal.

18,dealership a place to buy the car.  经销商 a big dealership near me

19, the real deal. authentic, excellent, true, exact, genuine.. speak from his heart.  珍品正品。


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