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India To Install LED Light In 100 Cites

Narendra Modi official
Narendra Modi official

NEW DELHI: India Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched a program to install LED (light-emitting diode) bulbs for domestic and street lighting in 100 cities by March 2016.

The low carbon scheme was officially launched in New Delhi, where citizens who sign up to participate will benefit from a 12-month saving on their electricity bills.

Modi underscored the importance of energy efficiency, stating that conservation of energy is an effective money-and environmental-saving strategy, but that it cannot be achieved without the support of the population.

The Prime Minister has called for a collective effort to generate awareness about the benefits of this scheme. His first act was installing LED bulbs in the Indian government’s building, a decision which will save 7,000 units every month, an official report said.

LED bulbs can cut CO2 emissions by 50-70%, and when combined with smart controls, can save up to 80% of the energy used. The Climate Group’s LED lighting program tested the low carbon lights in 10 cities all over the world, including Mumbai and Kolkata in India. Results proved successful, as LEDs helped reduce costs, enhance public safety, minimize light pollution and make public spaces friendlier at night.


India’s investment in clean energies increased to US$7.9 billion last year and is expected to keep rising over US$10 billion this year, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance. The government is working steadily to provide 24/7 energy to the whole country, an ambitious target which will be achieved thanks to this fast-growing investment in renewables.

This was also the direction taken this weekend during the meeting between Obama and Modi, who agreed on several joint clean energy initiatives.

Krishnan Pallassana, India Executive Director at The Climate Group, commented on the meeting: “The India-US agreement announced by Prime Minister Modi and President Obama will help to secure India’s ambitious programme around renewable energy growth, ultimately allowing India to build upon and realise its low carbon aspirations.

“40% of India is still not connected to the grid. Clean energy, particularly solar and wind, could eventually connect these homes via renewable sources, and revitalize India’s failing energy system. The Climate Group’s program, Bijli – Clean Energy for All, is doing just that; connecting remote villages without adding any extra emissions.”

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