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Top 100 Japanese Verbs

Hiragana Kanji Meaning
あう 会う to meet, to see
あく 開く to open, to become open
あける 開ける to open
あげる 上げる to give
あそぶ 遊ぶ to play, to make a visit
あびる Kana* to bathe, to shower
あらう 洗う to wash
ある Kana* to be
ある Kana* to have
あるく 歩く to walk
いう 言う to say
いく/ゆく 行く to go
いる 居る to be (animate), to exist (hum)
いる 要る to need
いれる 入れる to put in
うたう 歌う to sing
うまれる 生まれる to be born
うる 売る to sell
おきる 起きる to get up, to rise
おく 置く to put, to place
おしえる 教える to teach, to inform
おす 押す to push, to press
おぼえる 覚える to remember, to memorise
およぐ 泳ぐ to swim
おりる 降りる to get off, to disembark, to dismount
おわる 終る to finish, to close
かう 買う to buy
かえす 返す to return something
かえる 帰る to go home, to return
かかる Kana* to take (eg time, money)
かく 書く to write
かける Kana* to put on (eg glasses)
かける Kana* to dial/call (eg phone)
かす 貸す to lend
かぶる Kana* to wear, to put on (head)
かりる 借りる to borrow, to have a loan
きえる 消える to go out, to vanish
きく 聞く to hear, to listen, to ask
きる 切る to cut, to chop
きる 着る to wear, to put on (from shoulders down)
くもる 曇る to become cloudy, to become dim
けす 消す to erase, to delete, to turn off power
こたえる 答える to answer, to reply
こまる 困る to be worried, to be bothered
さす 差す to raise (stretch out) hands, to raise (eg umbrella)
しまる 閉まる to close, to be closed
しめる 閉める to close, to shut
しめる 締める to tie, to fasten
しる 知る to know, to understand
すわる 座る to sit
だす 出す to put out, to send
たつ 立つ to stand
たのむ 頼む to request, to ask
たべる 食べる to eat
つかう 使う to use
つかれる 疲れる to get tired, to tire
つく 着く to arrive at, to reach
つくる 作る to make, to create
つける Kana* to turn on (eg a light)
つとめる 勤める to serve, to work (for)
でかける 出かける to depart, to go out
できる Kana* to be able to
でる 出る to appear, to leave
とぶ 飛ぶ to fly, to hop
とまる 止まる to come to a halt
とる 取る to take
とる 撮る to take (a photo)
なくす 無くす to lose something
ならう 習う to learn
ならぶ 並ぶ to line up, to stand in a line
ならべる 並べる to line up, to set up
なる Kana* to become
ねる 寝る to go to bed, to sleep
のぼる 登る to climb
のむ 飲む to drink
のる 乗る to get on, to ride in, to board
はいる 入る to enter, to contain, to hold
はく Kana* to wear, to put on (trousers)
はじまる 始まる to begin
はしる 走る to run
はたらく 働く to work
はなす 話す to speak
はる 貼る to stick, to paste
ひく 引く to pull
ひく 弾く to play (musical instrument)
まがる 曲る to turn, to bend
まつ 待つ to wait
みがく 磨く to brush (teeth), to polish, to shine
みせる 見せる to show, to display
みる 見る to see, to watch
もつ 持つ to hold, to carry, to possess
やすむ 休む to rest, to have a break, to have a dayoff
やる Kana* to do
よぶ 呼ぶ to call out, to invite
よむ 読む to read
わかる 分かる to understand
わすれる 忘れる to forget
わたる 渡る to cross over, to go across

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