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Japanese Amazing Food Art

Amazing Japanese Food Art

When it comes to Japanese food, we usually think: sushi, rice, fugu, noddles. But these dishes go beyond the mundane with an insanely creative and artistic presentation! We are eating the Japanese culture!

Cat in a sleeping bag

cat in a sleeping bag

A simple egg and veggie wrap decorated with olive slivers-how purrr-fect for the kids.

Sushi penguins

sushi penguin

These ridiculously cute sushi penguins come together with black seaweed and tuna+cucumber-stuffed sticky rice. Go on and give them a soy-sauce bath for taste.

Sleeping cubby

sleeping cubby

This tomato-rice teddy bear covered in an omelet blanket is almost to adorable to eat!

Rice figures in a Japanese soup bath

rice figures in a Japanese soup bath

Just two beef heads having a bath and a laugh.

Fisher cat

fisher cat

Carrot and leek soup makes the perfect pond for breaded fish to amuse your hungry “kitties”!

Polar bear soup

polar bear soup

Even polar bears need to take a dip in some steaming soup every once and a while!

Rabbit rolls

rabbit rolls

Why you should own a bunny-shaped baking tin.

Polar bear curry

polar bear curry

Beef curry never looker so …cozy!

Panda curry

panda curry

These sticky pandas have been rolling in seaweed-what better idea than to go bathe in curry!

Noodle chewbacca

boodel chewbacca

Chew on this awesome Star Wars dish!

Animal choux buns

animal choux buns

You will have to shoo the kids away from these cuties!

Sushi pandas

sushi panda

For those who prefer pandas to penguins and have slightly more time on their hands.

Donut cats

donut cat

A little splash of melted chocolate , and you have got spotted kitties for breakfast.

Sleeping pretty kitty eggs

sleeping pretty kitty eggs

Who knew you could get so creative with cornbread and hard -boiled eggs!

Snoopy curry

snoopy curry

Looks like Snoopy sleeping in your curry…

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